Bob Ross

(Management Committee CEA 1984-88, Secretary CEA 1987-8, CEA Chemical Educator 2010)

Bob has taught chemistry and general science in South Australia, the United Kingdom and Victoria for many years. He completed a PhD in Chemistry in Adelaide and travelled extensively, including 8 months in Africa. Bob has been a VCE Chemistry exam marker for many years and he contributed to the CEA Demonstration Book. He has served on the Victorian Chemistry subject committee, written trial exam papers and was a writer for the new VCE Chemistry course. Bob contributed significantly to the CEA team by writing and developing some of the ChemCAL units. He has been involved in RACI, STAV and CEA committees and he was also the treasurer of both STAV and CEA during the late seventies and eighties. Bob was a member of the Option committees, assisting in the writing of options, such as the Comalco aluminium booklet, and serving on accreditation panels. Bob was a panel chairperson when VCE Chemistry had CATS system of assessment and he has helped many teachers with marking and further development of the assessment tasks. He is currently teaching Chemistry at Eltham College and has an interest in the use of computers in Chemistry education. Bob was a writer for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions of Chemistry One. Underneath his quiet exterior lies an adventurer whose passions include bushwalking, the environment and teaching young people.