Don Hyatt

(NEWCHEM Executive Officer 1977-79; CEA Chemical Educator 2014)

The production of the Chemistry text Chemistry: Key to the Earth in 1979 established the financial security of the Chemistry Education Association. As the Executive Officer seconded to the Education Department Curriculum and Research Branch, Don managed the pilot 'NEWCHEM' project (6 schools) in 1977 and the alternative course (62 schools) in 1978. He was also involved in the development of resources, including the new Options, which were required for this quite different and more practical approach to teaching Chemistry.
Don taught mainly Chemistry, Science and Mathematics at a number of state government secondary colleges and retired as Assistant Principal of Wellington Secondary College in 2005. Don was STAV President (1987-89) and spent 13 years on STAV Council as Secretary and Treasurer. He was the Foundation National Director of Australian Science in Schools Week (1983-87), now National Science Week. He was Science Education Officer at the CSIRO Science Education Centre (1983-86) and on the Australian Science Teachers' Association Working Group that developed the criteria for determining Highly Accomplished Teachers of Science.