Ian McKinnon

(Management Committee CEA, CEA Chemical Educator 2002)

Dr Ian McKinnon was a member of the Victorian Institute of Secondary Education (VISE) Chemistry Subject Committee. As Chair of the Options Sub-Committee, Ian was energetic in encouraging the development of new options in order to provide a wide a range of interesting topics and practical exercises. As Chair of the In-Service Sub-Committee, Ian contributed significantly to the development of the annual Chemistry conferences at Monash University. The conferences ran for two days and came to be regarded as a compulsory fixture on every teacher’s calendar. Ian became the public face of Monash University for the Chemistry teachers of the State and he has been an outstanding ambassador for the university in this role. Ian was also instrumental in organising smaller conferences for first year Chemistry teachers. These conferences were held in the evening at various locations around Melbourne and provided new teachers with teaching programs, worksheets and dozens of useful tips from experienced educators. The sessions were very well attended and invaluable, as they provided support and confidence to people who often felt ill-equipped and vulnerable. Ian was a key member of the CEA and has been an active and enthusiastic participant in CEA’s activities. He has made many important contributions to revisions of the VCE course and, in particular, his contributions as an unofficial advisor to the development of Chemistry Two were much appreciated. The Enhancement Chemistry course conducted by Monash University is another program that Ian initiated.