Ken Mappin

(Management Committee CEA 1977 - 1982, CEA Chemical Educator 1994)

Ken was a distinguished Chemistry teacher who played a prominent role in the development of that discipline in Victorian secondary schools for over 40 years. He was instrumental in establishing the CEA and in 1979 he was the inaugural chairman of the VISE accreditation committee. Later he was awarded life membership of the Science Teachers Association of Victoria. In the early 1960s, he wrote a Year 11 Chemistry textbook before initiating and supporting the writing of the Year 12 text, Chemistry: A Structural View. An early activist, he fought for a role for secondary teachers in the development of school chemistry curriculums. Also from the early 1960s, he was a member of the Victorian Universities and Secondary Education Board's chemistry standing committee, and was elected chairman over its final two years of existence - the first and only secondary teacher ever to fill that role. Appointed to Geelong Grammar School in 1948, Ken established a statewide reputation as a chemistry teacher and was proclaimed by renowned headmaster Sir James Darling to be one of the best Chemistry teachers in Australia.