Penny Commons

(CEA Project Officer 2006-2015, Management Committee CEA 2000-2016, Treasurer CEA 2001-2006, Secretary CEA 2016, CEA Chemical Educator 2015)

As the CEA Project Officer from 2010-2015, Penny Commons has been at the forefront of teaching and curriculum development for secondary school Chemistry. During this period, she organised the CEA November Lectures and numerous in-service activities, and also introduced an Olympiad training program for Year 11 students. Penny has had extensive teaching experience in government and independent schools and has shared her experience with fellow teachers as a mentor and via numerous conference presentations. Penny has written several Chemistry books, including two editions of the Chemistry Two Student Workbook and, with Chris Commons, is co-ordinating author for the fifth editions of Chemistry One and Chemistry Two. Penny and Chris are also co-ordinating authors and writers for the Victorian and Western Australian Lightbook Chemistry interactive digital texts for Years 11 and 12. Penny is a Tutor and Transition Fellow at the University of Melbourne, helping to organise and teach the first year program and assisting students in making the transition to tertiary education.