Peter McTigue OAM

(Management Committee CEA 1977-85, 1989-92, Secretary/Treasurer CEA 1977-84, CEA Chemical Educator 2000)

Peter McTigue was one of the founding members CEA. He co-authored and edited the Year 12 Chemistry book Chemistry A Structural View in 1966, which was used by every school in Victoria, throughout Australia and was translated into various languages and sold internationally. He was the Chief Editor and Chairman of the Educational Board of the follow up book Chemistry Key to the Earth in 1979. The royalties from Chemistry A Structural View were held in trust and helped establish CEA in 1977 while the profits from Chemistry Key to the Earth were given to CEA to help all teachers of Chemistry. For over 20 years Peter was the Chief Assessor and Chief Examiner of Year 12 Chemistry Courses, Higher School Certificate and then the Victorian Certificate of Education Peter was the Deputy Head and then Head of Chemistry Department at The University of Melbourne between 1982 and 1990. He then took on the role of Head of the Multimedia Education Unit at The University of Melbourne between 1996 and 2000. Peter has always had a great interest in the information technology aspect of Chemistry. In the early 1990's he developed an extensive suite of HyperCard materials called ChemCAL, which is an interactive computer-based tutorial package for the teaching of introductory and first year Chemistry. Associate Professor Peter McTigue was the Universities appointee on the Science Field of Studies Committee for the introduction of the VCE in the early 1990’s. He then became chair of this committee and the Chemistry subcommittee that coordinated the development and introduction of the Chemistry syllabus. Peter has demonstrated an exceptional and continuing commitment to chemistry education for more than 40 years, worked tirelessly to promote the subject and to ensure that its teaching is of the highest standard.   In 2009 he was awarded his OAM  in recognition of extraordinary and unparalleled contributions to secondary and tertiary Chemistry education